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From the Sustainable Kingston Plan


The fundamental objective of any sustainable community is the promotion of human well‐being through enhancing both quality of life and quality of place. This is the focus of the Cultural Pillar.

Art as a Core Value

We recently polled by email the Ajax, Durham, Pickering and Whitby candidates about their stand on Art as a Core Value. Here is the question.

With arts often taking the back seat in funding, we are wondering if you/will you support arts as a core value?

Core values are those that receive operational funding support from the municipality.
Libraries, seniors' centres and sports facilities are examples of the core values of our municipality.

The PineRidge Arts Council is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to enhance the quality of life within the community by developing widespread appreciation, support and involvement in the arts since 1989.

Here are the responses, in no particular order except municipality. We expect this to be an ongoing list as it is a busy time for the candidates so if you don't see a reply from someone, please check back.


Lynn Porteous ~ Is Life imitating Art, or Art imitating Life? Art, life, recreational, senior centres are both core and community values. I have studied and love Art. I am also a musician and have written songs and self taught myself guitar. Creativity is key to innovation. Art gives life to ideas. I fully support Art! Art is therapeutic and gives much to the viewer to enjoy and ponder it is a gift to communicate through expression of all forms and one I hold in high regard. Art unleashes us from the conformity of society and allows us to think on a different "playing" field. 





Marsha Dooley ~ I believe Ajax already does support Core Value.  Correct me if I'm wrong.
These types of projects add to the quality of life for all of us especially seniors.
Yes I support Core Values.

Rob Tyler Morin  ~ Hello yes absolutely I support core values in regards to arts, sports and recreation. We need more soccer fields more ice pads and more after-school programs. 
I don't know if you know but my full-time career is as a musician. 
Yes I think arts and sports are key to creating good environments for our children to express and expand in. 

Waran Vaithilingam ~ Yes I will be interested and will support.  Could you send me more detail about this matter.

Shawn SandraSagara ~ Thanks for your concern. To answer your question especially in relation to art funding, please refer to my website thats been posted thru the city website, specifically under "My Final Summary" link at the top please.

Dave Ryan ~ The arts play a vital role in our community’s social fabric. It is why I am proud to support arts as a core value – as demonstrated through the ongoing funding of Durham West Art Council’s foundation and programming, our quest for a visual and performing arts space, and support for the array of festivals and programs which make Pickering a great place to live.

Kevin Ashe ~ I suppose you won't be surprised to learn that support for the arts should be a core value....i support a performing arts center...i support the inclusion of a gallery as well.

Doug Dickerson ~ Yes I have, do, and will, support arts as a core value.

Ian Cumming ~ I do support the arts and believe wholeheartedly that they an essential component and indicator of a healthy society. Pickering needs what many other municipalities have already identified as a 'need' not a 'bonus'. You can count on my support on Council if I am fortunate enough to be elected.

Myrna Picotte ~ Yes. top of my agenda. Been a supporter of the Pickering Rotary Music Festival since its beginning.

Dave Pickles ~ Yes. You know I have and do. I am pleased to continue to support the arts.

Edoh Apaloo ~ Thank you for reaching out to me. To answer you question yes I will and I do support arts as a core value. Count on me when I become mayor to be there for the arts community.

Maurice Brenner ~ Yes Without a doubt.
For too long the Arts has been held to a different standard when it has come to setting core priorities in our community.
By comparison other Municipalities across the GTA have already taken necessary steps to put in place infrastures recognizing the arts as a core value.
I believe for too long advancing the arts here in Pickering has become nothing more than a political football.
It’s time to deliver and if elected Mayor, will be a priority including reaching out to secure available funding opportunities from both the Federal and Provincial levels.

Peter Tijiri ~ I had shared with my wife, several weeks ago that, when elected, I would work towards building an Arts Centre in Pickering. Reason: because we both share and see the importance the arts play and how it enhances the lives of people in their respective communities.
To make arts one of the core values for funding is something I will work hard in Council to introduce.

Mayor Perkins and Lorne Coe ~ Support Arts and Culture, one of the four pillars of a sustainable community. Whitby's Station Gallery is an example and they plan to continue.

Eve Guta ~ I do support arts and will continue to support Art as a core value of my community.
Thank you for everything you do.

Chris Butryn ~ Thank you for the straightforward, simple question. I'll give you a straightforward, simple answer in return: I sure do!

Dave Sansom ~ Absolutely very important part of life style and our culture

Deborah Starzynski ~ A great community is defined by the quality of life of the people who live there. The arts are a core element of creativity, culture and contribute to our quality of life. I believe that we need to define a Vision for Whitby that encompasses arts, recreation, healthy lifestyle and community design in addition to housing, transit and infrastructure, although those are important too. We need to ensure that include recreation, arts, health as key elements of our community planning.  (I understand the funding challenges, I have worked with arts councils and other non-profit organizations in the past).I would like also like to increase support for the arts through frequent events in Whitby and the region that focus on, and showcase the arts and engage the community.

Linda R. Lyons ~ (Former president of Whitby Courthouse Theatre … I feel that the arts should be more of a priority with our community. 

Ira Peters ~ I absolutely feel that all volunteer organizations dedicated to enhance the quality of life within the community are essential for our community. Your organisation, if elected would be one of the core values with the utmost priority. Thank you very much, for asking the question and if there is anything I can assist you with now, or in the future please feel free to contact me at your convenience.

Bill Windrem ~ I believe that the arts are a fundamental part of a complete community. I currently support the efforts at Station Gallery in Whitby along with events and activities in our community. The arts are something I will support as a core value.

Sameena Asghar ~ Absolutely yes!

Scott Templeton ~ As a concert promoter in Durham region I support the arts regularly.  I also believe they should be a core Value and receive grants as you are a non-profit organization.






Since 1989 PineRidge Arts Council Inc., a non-profit volunteer organization has been dedicated to enhance the quality of life within the community by developing widespread appreciation, support and involvement in the arts.

PineRidge Arts Council
650 Kingston Road
P.O. Box 18258 Steeple Hill Postal Outlet
Pickering, Ontario L1V 1A0


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