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McLean Community Centre Exhibitions

McLean CC

McLean Community Centre
95 Magill Drive 
Ajax, Ontario
L1T 3K7

Open to the public
Monday to Friday  
6 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.
and on Saturday and Sunday
7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Admission is free.


Fabulous Mediums
are part of PRAC's
"Art in Public Places"


We thank the Town of Ajax for their support.

Town of Ajax

Ajax2020 Hanging space at the McLean Community Centre
95 Magill Drive, Ajax



June 1 to July 6
Ajax Creative Arts

July 6 - August 10
Artists of Uxbridge

August 10 - September 14
Ramona Marquez-Ramraj
and to be confirmed
Norman Smith

to be confirmed
Ingrid McDonald and Inese Poga

October 25 - November 26
PRAC Juried Art Show

November 30 - January 4, 2023
to be confirmed
Ajax Photography Club


Ajax Creative Arts June 1 to July 6

Artists of Uxbridge July 6 to August 10

Artists of Uxbridge

Ann Goldring, Pavla Horsak, Christine Chown, Judy Fountain, Don Thomas, Barbara Pechkovsky, Joanne Binns, Rosemary Sparks, Kathleen Baldry and Jane Butler

Diversity with Harmony
The Show presents local artwork by 10 artists in a variety of styles and mediums to:
• Showcase the Artists of Uxbridge group
• Highlight what a collection of random artists can create
• Encourage others to start, resume or continue to create art

Artists of Uxbridge is a local group of artists that meet regularly to foster artistic endeavours amongst members and in the community. It was formed over ten years ago and currently there are 14 members. In addition, the group promotes community events such as Uxbridge Celebration of the Arts by organizing the Art on the Fringe Festival and holds its own annual show.
Members’ artwork is in a variety of styles and mediums including watercolour, ink, oils, acrylic and pastels. The subject matter ranges from nature to still life to portraits and more, in both realistic and abstract styles.

Ramona Marquez-Ramraj

Ramona Marquez-Ramraj

Ramona Marquez-Ramraj is an emerging self-taught visual artist that works with acrylic and other media that give her abstract and landscape art depth and texture. A native of Venezuela, her paintings feature bright, energetic colors; a reflection of her background.

The artist started to display her art in 2018 at various art juries shows where she received an award of excellence for her painting.

Ramona has donated a few of her paintings to promote students education. She lives in Pickering with her husband, two children and her dog.

My Art Simple and imperfect
a Creation of love for Color and Life ....

Norman Smith

Norm Smith

I am NORMAN ANTHONY SMITH:  A multi-faceted artist whose artistic journey began as a freelance writer and poet. Along the path of creativity I've managed to gain over 8 years experience as a professional photographer, which adds a new credit to my artistic background of videography and painting with oils on canvas. Like many great Artists before me I've experienced my shares of ups and downs; but, now believe that my strength to overcome the struggles can be attained through my artistic endeavours. Whether it's snapping photos, filming and editing videos, painting or writing I’ve found my stable ground.

The theme of this exhibit is called Me And My 35: An Exploration of the Toronto Landscape Through My Lens. I explore what it is to exist and be in one of the biggest cities in the world all while re-acclimating myself to the growth and diversity of a city that I was born in.

Ingrid Mc Donald

Ingrid McDonaldIngrid Mc Donald is a self taught artist, born and raised on the beautiful island of St. Lucia. She immigrated to Canada over 20 yrs ago. "My work is an extension of who I am, my desires my dreams and even my fears. Painting and drawing has always be an outlet for me. It’s given me a safe space to express what I can’t always put into words, to be my true self."

Ingrid's work varies from abstract, landscape, and portraits. Abstract is her love its complicated yet so simple. "There's a feeling that accompanies a finish abstract for me that I can’t quite put into words. It’s like a sigh with a smile that forever warms my heart. Art is what I choose to do forever."

Inese Poga

Inese Poga

Art is my passion and I have been painting, drawing and creating art for more than 5 decades. I have been teaching drawing and painting for more than 4 decades. I have my own art studio where I teach and paint. I am a self-taught artist for the most part. I am extremely good at drawing from reality and I have also photographic memory thanks to drawing.
I relocated to Canada in 2004, and had to start out from scratch once again because I couldn’t take anything much with me from my native country Latvia (Europe). All my art (more than 1,200 finished paintings) has been created between 2008 and now.
My style is best described as romantic realism, because my paintings often are rather emotional portraits of my surroundings than reality. I love mixing abstracted parts with realistic details.
I started to gain public exposure in Canada in 2010.
I opened my own art gallery in downtown Whitby in May 2010.
Since then, I was having in average 4 shows per year at my gallery.
I have also participated and had taken part in other events:
Solo exhibition in Toronto Beaches, April 1-30, 2011.
9th Annual Oshawa Art Association Spring Studio Tour in 2011
10th Annual Oshawa Art Association Spring Studio Tour in 2012
OAA 43 Juried Art Show: “Kitchen Symphony” and “Take a Rest” paintings in 2011
OAA 44 Juried Art Show: “Gifts of Summer” in 2012
Featured artist at the SilverStone Gallery in August 14 and 28 in 2011, I also gave watercolour demonstrations at the SilverStone Gallery, Pickering.
Two day event at my studio-gallery with Canada Culture Days in 2011
My painting “Farmers Market View”, full sheet watercolor, was published on the life style magazine “Nature Awakenings” cover in the USA in March 2012.
My painting “Summer fields”, large watercolor, was published on the life style magazine “Nature Awakenings” cover in the USA in October 2013. I sold many paintings due to this feature in the USA.
Fall Art festival at Camp Samac, September 2012.
Fall Art festival at Camp Samac, September 2013.
Canada Culture Days, 2-day event at my studio-gallery in September 2012.
Canada Culture Days, 3-day event at my studio-gallery in September 2013.
Canada Culture Days, 2-day event at my studio-gallery in September 2014.
I had my own art gallery in downtown Whitby up to June 2018.
I am a member of PRAC.
Between 2014 and 2018 I had health problems and many surgeries, yet, I kept painting whenever I could. I also had home care up to spring of this year. During this time due to mobility issues, I could not leave my house and participate in any events and shows.
I have given numerous art classes and workshops between 2010 and now, in average, 2-3 every week.
I'm also a life sciences specialist. I have Master's degrees in Pedagogy, Foreign linguistics and Psychology.
According to me, art should be uplifting, poetic, thoughtful, endlessly beautiful and always taking to a higher level of human experience. That’s at least my definition of art.
My art displays emotionally charged and enhanced captures of my favorite subjects: landscapes, still lives, flowers, plants and nature scenes. I don’t paint reality. I am painting and drawing my vision about me, us and the world we see around us. I do not use photos, but reality for inspiration and reference.
My art is displayed in private and public places in Latvia, private collections in Germany, vary many paintings in the USA and in Canada.

Juried Art Show

2022 JAS



Featured Artists that have supported PRAC's
Art in Public Places Programme

Enid Roberts, Anne Labelle-Johnson and Tony Johnson, and Hi Sook Barker

Enid Roberts | Anne Labelle-Johnson and Tony Johnson | Hi-Sook Barker

Jocelyn Ball, Bob Thackeray and Hanneke Koonstra

Jocelyn Ball | Bob Thackeray | Hanneke Koonstra

Michael Peech, Don Hewitt, Hi Sook Barker, Nancy Howell, Angela Hennessey, Jessen Sheridan, Robert Hinves

Michael Peech | Don Hewitt | Hi-Sook Barker | Nancy Howell
Angela Hennessey | Jessen Sheridan | Bob Hinves


Since 1989 PineRidge Arts Council Inc., a not-for-profit volunteer organization has been dedicated to enhance the quality of life within the community by developing widespread appreciation, support and involvement in the arts.

PineRidge Arts Council
650 Kingston Road
P.O. Box 18258 Steeple Hill Postal Outlet
Pickering, Ontario L1V 1A0

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