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Pic of the Month


Thank you to all who participated in this online art show.

If you want some info on "How To Do" nightime photography, check HERE.

Looking for local waterfalls?
Check out Waterfalls of Ontario HERE.

April 2022

INSTAGRAM ~ Carl Milanes
Wood Duck
Carl is a resident of Ajax, ON. The photo selected is of a Wood Duck taken in Whitby, ON. I'm a hobbyist wildlife photographer who also happens to work in the animal field (veterinary technician at a local clinic and animal shelter attendant for Pickering Animal Services). When asked what position he was in for cature this "I was on my belly, resting on wet ground and duck poop!" Ah the glamour of nature photography.

FACEBOOK ~ Fay Klassen, Paris Ontario
Bald Eagle
Fay is a Paris, Ontario and she recently took the
photo at the Raptor Conservancy in Port Dover. "I am new to photography (about 3 years) and a member of the Hamilton Camera Club. My camera is a Canon 77D."

March 2022

INSTAGRAM ~ Paula Gallagher Brown
Rideau Falls
The Rideau Falls are actually two waterfalls located in Ottawa where the Rideau River empties into the Ottawa River in the downtown area. It is a majestic sight, indeed. I took this picture as the sun was setting in the west casting a warm glow on the face of the fast flowing waters and it was spellbinding to watch. I had my tripod with me so that I could use a slow shutter speed to get the creamy smooth feel as the water tumbled rapidly over the falls. The spray from the falls filled the air so I had to work quickly but it really added to the ambience of the experience!

FACEBOOK ~ Chris Guarin
Decew Falls is picturesque along with the historical Morningstar Mill.
For capturing waterfalls with silky smooth effect, I only use an iPhone. To achieve this, I turn on the live photo setting. I then press the shutter button holding the phone still for 3 seconds. After, the photo is captured, I open the photo and select from a list of effects. "Long exposure" is the effect of choice. For my last step, I enhance the photo using an application called Snapseed.

February 2022

INSTAGRAM ~ Congratulations once again to Mark Cassell for his great frozen bubble shot "Crystal Clear" HERE

January 2022

FACEBOOK ~ Jayshree Mina Daya ~ “I enjoyed taking this photo with a big calming breath in the middle of a fitness workout class and the latest crazy Covid challenges. I was striving to capture some of the peaceful shadows and quiet calmness that happened with just the occasional snippet of birdsong in my ear and the wonderful fresh snowfall in our backyard. Photo HERE

INSTAGRAM ~ Stephen Godin ~ This photo was taken on Hwy 57 in the Blackstock area in February 2020.
Photo HERE
To see more of Stephen's work, visit his show ALONENESS from april 2-24, 2022 at Scugog Arts, 1758 Queen St. Port Perry.

December 2021

FACEBOOK ~ Doug Burrell ~ This image was made early this Christmas season and was taken at Esplanade Park which is directly adjacent to Pickering City Hall. The rain had just stopped and I was able to take advantage of some puddles by using them as mirrors to reflect the beautiful display that the city had installed in the park.

INSTAGRAM ~ Paula Gallagher Brown ~ “Alight At Night is an annual event which takes place at Upper Canada Village on the St. Lawrence River near Morrisburg, Ontario around Christmas.  It is such a magical spot!  On this particular evening the moon was full, the ground was covered with a fresh snow and the multitude of colourful lights twinkled brightly against the white backdrop. It was like being placed into a Winter Wonderland Dream.”

November 2021

FACEBOOK ~ Congratulations to Tara Leanne from Niagara Falls.
"The photo was taken at one of my favourite spots in Orillia. The white boat house pictured  is on the property of Stephen Leacocks museum. We have a family cottage in Orillia so I have been going to this spots for years, so beautiful! ."

INSTAGRAM ~ Congratulations to Paula Gallagher Brown from Ottawa.
"The reflected fall leaf photo was taken at Petrie Island in Ottawa. It was so mesmerizing in its movement on the sparkling water. What a joy it was to photograph this leaf with its glorious colour!
Thanks to PhotoNews for sharing.

October 2021

Congratulation to Jennifer Burrows for her autumn mushroom photo Funky Fall Fungi! HERE.
"I was at my brothers cottage at Catchacoma lake for the weekend. It was was a miserable weather weekend with rain off and on. Since I wasn't able to get any landscape or wildlife images, I went foraging for mushrooms. I was lucky to find these giant mushrooms growing out of an old stump in the woods. I loved the deep rich colour of the mushrooms and their velvet like texture. And the scattering of the fall leaves with the yellow leavers acting as nature's highlights inspired me to enter it in the PRAC colours of autumn contest.

September 2021

Congratulations to Merle Gonsalvez HERE for her up close and personal mushroom photo.

August 2021

Congratulations to Todd Murrison HERE
"Under the Boardwalk" the Brant Street Pier is not exactly a boardwalk, but it sure is a great place to be! Got up early on Sunday morning and strolled down under the pier to capture the morning’s first light.

July 2021

Congratulations to Michael Lavender HERE
I see this young swan almost everyday on my walk but this was the first time it came close while i was along the beach. The family of swans swam over to where i was and i watched them as they young ones slowly dozed off for a nap. The bright warm sun made for some night lighting with this one.
It was a nice moment that i was happy to capture of this common, yet beautiful swan.

June 2021

Congratulations to Mark Cassell for his peony bud HERE
This photo of a peony just starting to open was taken with a 105mm macro lens on a very overcast day, which usually provides the best
lighting for outdoor flower photography. As a welcome bonus, it had just rained and I was able to capture water droplets on the flower
which always add a nice element to any flower photo.

Congratulations to Marianne McLinton, winner of Oshawa's Culture Counts prize for her peony HERE
A beautiful early blooming peony. It's so delicate and pretty in the afternoon sunshine. This is definitely one of my favorites.

May 2021

Congratulations to Margaret Brackley for her Alcohol Ink Painting "Australis Borealis". It was created on a ceramic tile 9x12 and mounted on panel board.

April 2021

Congratulations to Michael Lavender of Ajax winner of Signs of Spring with his wasp waiting for a blossom to open.
"Every spring my son and I look forward to searching the gardens at home for some interesting insect life. My wife found this wasp for us, and it was in such a nice spot on some of our flowers that I coudnt resist taking some macro shots of it as it. We love doing macro at home to view the insect infront of our eyes then enlarging it on the computer to get a closer look!"

March 2021

Congratulations to Pickering's Gary Myers for “Winter’s Teeth” our March Pic of the Month photographer HERE.

February 2021

Congratulations to Mark Cassell for his fabulous Frozen Bubble photograph!

Mark shared his recipe for making these:
I use the pretty standard online recipe (1/2 to 3/4 cups water, 2tbsp soap, 2tbsp corn syrup) and yes I do just use a straw (McDonald’s drink size) to blow them. The biggest challenges are avoiding wind and reflections in the bubble, and now has also become about finding new and interesting ways to create and photograph them.


Congratulations to Susana Mingram, our January Pic of the Month Digital Artist for "Weird Times"
"Weird Times" reflects people's emotions during the beginning of this pandemic; some were in panic, and some felt in despair. They all remained together, but cannot wait to be separated.
Until the lockdown is over, we shall stay home and remain in contact with our beloved friends and family, but never forget the lessons we’ve learned along the way!

Congratulations to Jackie Ferrier, our December Pic of the Month Photographer for her family photo "I wanted to create an experience inspired by still life and portrait paintings of the Golden Age in the 17th century. But my girls weren’t too thrilled with the idea of dressing up for it so I came up with the idea of doing a portrait so none of us would have to. I shot each of us separately and made the head pieces in secret and shot them individually, too. Then brought it all together in photoshop."

Congratulations to Anjalie Rampersad of Pickering our November Pic of the Month photographer for her photo of her friend's pup Jax, a sweet little Cockapoo (10-weeks- old).

Congratulations to Kelley Lenkeit, of Ajax winner of our October Pic of the Month for her beautiful photo taken around sideline 24 - between York Durham 30 and 5th Concession, Stouffville area.


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