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Visual Art Groups

A Gift of Art

Adonai Creative Arts

Ajax Creative Arts

The Art Guild of Scarborough

Artists of Uxbridge

Arts on Fire Ajax

Brushstrokes of Bobcaygeon

Buckhorn Fine Art Festival

Cavan Arts Group, Cavan

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Lisa Whitsitt)

Cottonwood 'n' Canvas ~ Suzie Rutter

Cobourg Art Club (Sheila McCoy)

Culture Counts ~ Oshawa

Cultural Expressions Art Gallery (Esther Forde)

Durham East Photography Club

Durham West Arts Centre Inc.

Durham West Arts Centre Foundaion

Galerie Q

Georgina Arts Centre & Gallery

JeanArts Academy

Kawartha Art Festival - Fenelon Falls

Kawartha Lakes Arts Council

Kent Farndale Gallery

Lake Scugog Spring Studio Tour

The Latcham Art Centre ~ Stouffville

Lemonville Group of Artists

Lynde House Museum and Warren General Store

Millbrook Gallery - Cavan


Oshawa Art Assoc.

Oshawa Camera Club

Pickering Wood Carvers

Pine Ridge Arts Association - Cobourg

Port Perry Art Assoc.

The Robert McLaughlin Gallery

Schoolhouse Group of Artists

Scugog Council for the Arts

Scugog Studio Tour

Serenity Stained Glass Studio (Petra Dettmann)

Shuttlebug Handweaving and Spinning Guild

Station Gallery, Whitby


Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville ~ Art in the Park

Uxbridge Celebration of the Arts

Uxbridge Studio Tour

Valentia Church & Community Centre

Velvet Mae's Glass Press ~ Etsy Shop

Victoria County Studio Tour, Fenelon Falls

Visual Arts Centre ~ Clarington


Sculptures of Durham

Visual Artists and Artisans


Ruth Abernethy, Sculptor/writer

Glenda Amodeo ~ artist

Santhana Antonyraj

Bonnie Arnason ~ artist


Cheryl Bannister ~ artist

Hi–Sook Barker ~ artist

Irene Bate ~ artist

Marjatta Beasley ~ artist

Tim Bellhouse ~ photographer

Wendy Bermingham ~ artist

Hal and Jean Bilz ~ artists

Lynne Bishop ~ artist

Nesrin Blair ~ artist

Michael Black ~ artist

Marie-Louise Blanchard-Thomas ~ artist

Barbara and Stuart Blower ~ photographer | sculptor | Stone Devil Studio

Bob Bourke ~ photographer

Patty Bowman Kingsley ~ artist

Bill Boyes ~ photographer

Susan Brown | Brian Smallman ~ artist

Mandy Budan ~ artist

Diana Bullock ~ artist

Maggie Burgess ~ artist

Martha Burgess ~ artist

Chas. Burke ~ artist/Musician

Jennifer Burrows ~ photographer

Jane Butler ~ artist

Marie Butt ~ artist


Joseph Capo ~ photographer

Lynn Chandler ~ artist

Lois Child ~ photographer

Maria Ciccone ~ artist

Cathy Clark ~ artist

Gayle Clow ~ artist

Tim Collaran ~ photographer

Mary Cook ~ photographer

Shirley Cook ~ artist

Karen  Coyle, artist


Teresa Davies ~ artist

Jayshree Mina Daya ~ artist

Debbie Dell ~ glass artist


Janice Ellis ~ musician/artisan


Dominique Faivre ~ Artist

Edward Falkenberg ~ sculptor

Susan and Gary Faulkner ~ artist | singer

Harper Forbes ~ photographer

Brenda Fountain ~ artist

Harry Fraser ~ artist

Victoria Froats ~ artist

Lionel Furs ~ artist


Nelly Garcia ~ artist

Denise Gracias ~ Photographer

Andrea Graham ~ artist Cover Girl

Ruth Greenlaw ~ artist Etsy RuthGreenlawArt

Sheri Grudry ~ artist


Bill Hamilton ~ wood carving & drawing

Helen Harkin ~ artist

Estelle Hawkins ~ artist

Shirley Heard  ~ artist

Michaela Helliwell, Glass Artisan Velvet Mae's Glass Press Etsy Shop

Garry Herridge ~ artist

Elsie Hetherman ~ artist

Donald Hightower ~ artist

Robert and Susan Hinves ~ artist

Julia Hitchcock ~ artist

Dr. Kay Hubbard ~ artist

Diane Huson ~ artist


Edson Inniss ~ photographer


Rola Jaber ~ artist

Dorsey James * * ~ sculptor

Sharon and Nick Janushewski ~ photographers

Judith Jewer ~ aritist

Anne and Tony Johnson ~ artists


Valerie Kent ~ artist

Jennifer Klein ~ artist/photographer

Anja Knuuttila ~ artist

Hanneke Koonstra ~ artist

John Krasinski ~ artist

Andrew Kulin ~ photographer

Romella Kumar ~ artist



Anne Labelle-Johnson  ~ artist

Jacqueline La Frano, Photographer

Joyce Lawlor ~ artisan

Sylvia LeRoy ~ artist

Helen Leach-Edwards ~ artist

Sabrina Leeder ~ photographer

Wayne Lovett ~ artist

Elizabeth Lowe ~ artist

Kim Lowes ~ photographer

Maureen Lowry ~ artist

Mary Lumb ~ artist


Ramona Marquez-Ramraj ~ artist

Douglas Marrs ~ photographer

Margie Marsh ~ artist

Beverley Marshall ~ artist

Ted Martin ~ artist

Judith Matthews ~ artist

Janice McHaffie ~ artist

Kathy McNally ~ photographer

Doreen McRae, Artis

Yvonne Meissner ~ artist

Joan Moss ~ artist

Eileen Myers ~ photographer


Kirsty Naray ~ glass artist

Heather Nicholson ~ photographer

Christl Niemuller  ~ artist


Allan O'Marra ~ artist


Donna Painter ~ artist

Debbie Parrott ~ artist

Leif Petersen ~ photographer

Jan Pettafor ~ artist

Pickering Woodcarvers (Ontario)

Faeron Pileggi ~ artist

Dr. Vicoria Plaskett ~ artist

Inese Poga ~ artist/instructor

Elizabeth Ponniah ~ artist

June Probert ~ artist



David Reid ~ photographer

Karen Richardson  ~ artist

Nedda Riva Zaharelos ~ artist

Lesa Roberston ~ artist

Margaret Rodgers, Artist/Writer

Gordon Ross ~ photographer

Jennifer Ross  ~ artist


Ambreen Saba ~ artist

Caitlin Sabean-Untermann ~ photographer

Elizabeth Sale ~ artist

Elaine Saliani ~ artist

Machiel and Lynda Scholte ~ artist

Hans Schuster ~ artist

Sarah Shaw ~ artist

Lis Simpson ~ jewellery | glass artisan

Michelle Slivinsky ~ stained glass

June Smith ~ artist

Mary Jo Smith ~ artist

Ruth Smith ~ artist

Rylie Snedden ~ artist

Suzanne Snyder - artist

Rosemary Sood ~ photographer

Raymond St. Jean ~ photographer

Sharon Steinhaus ~ artist

Gail Stoddard ~ artist

Joan Sutton ~ artist

Susanna Sutus, Artist

Barbara Szita-Knight ~ photographer


Marilyn Talpash ~ artist

Margaret Taylor ~ artist

Sharad Tembe ~ photographer

Jaan Teng ~ artist

Alexandra Troop ~ Artist/Photographer


Caitlin Sabean-Untermann, photographer


Lynne Vegter ~ artist/photographer

Irma Veronneau ~ artist


Jasmine Ward ~ artist

Denise Wilkins ~ artist/photographer

Gwen Williams ~ artist

Gordon Wilson ~ artist

Ian Winton ~ artist

Angela Wong ~ artist

Phil Wooding ~ artist

Mary Woodside ~ artist





To be sure your PineRidge Arts Council is current, please check ArtScene. Memberships run between January and December.

Since 1989 PineRidge Arts Council Inc., a not-for-profit volunteer organization has been dedicated to enhance the quality of life within the community by developing widespread appreciation, support and involvement in the arts.

PineRidge Arts Council
650 Kingston Road
P.O. Box 18258 Steeple Hill Postal Outlet
Pickering, Ontario L1V 1A0

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Indigenous Land Acknowledgement
We are currently located on land, which has long served as a site of meeting and exchange among the
Mississauga Peoples, and is the traditional and treaty territory of the Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation.
We honour, recognize, and respect this nation and Indigenous Peoples as the traditional stewards of the lands and waters on which we meet today.

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